Vista Ultimate mail and download problems

  Nessie 06 Oct 11

2 or 3 days ago windows mail stopped downloading emails. Firefox, Mail, and various other problems sometimes work or come up with not respoding. If I close it after not responding it wont then open again untill rebooted. I have tried to do a virus check with BT net protect plus but it stops after 60 files. I have tried to download avast and avg antivirus but they wont download. I have tried using system restore for 30th September and 7th September but that does not fix the problem. I have tried to go into safe mode pressing F8 but instead of the usual list of options it just asks what I want to boot from DVD or Hard Drive. I press Hard Drive and PC starts as normal. I have put in the set up disk and it freezes ath the point where it asks to check for updates in the intial checks. I have used the scan now feature in command prompt and it found that there were no errors. I have checked internet connection and am connected and can browse if firefox starts up and still getting my normal speed. Any help would be great thanks

  lotvic 06 Oct 11

You could try some of the suggestions on and see if any work for you.

  Nessie 06 Oct 11

Thanks. will give them a try

  bazt 06 Oct 11

Nessie have you had any updates downloaded to your system, Firefox has been conflickting on my machine afer the latest download. I uninstalled the latest and put back the old on and the sytem now works OK, I am using Vista.

  Nessie 07 Oct 11

I think i have. what is the current version and how do i put it back to previous version. thanks

  Nessie 07 Oct 11

Uninstalled firefox but still no joy. even internet explorer does not load. can't download any files. re install i think

  rdave13 07 Oct 11

Start- computer- right click c: drive - properties- tools - check drives for error- and tick both boxes.


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