Vista: the sleep button, updates, and shuting down

  Phrixos 15:03 20 Dec 07

Since I built my new (Vista) rig about a month ago (regrets, regrets!) I have been getting automatic updates EVERY DAY--sometimes, twice a day!

This means that if I want to go into Sleep mode, the computer installs the update, then SHUTS DOWN-so making a mockery of any "Sleep" mode.

Of course, I can (and do, often) restart the computer first, which installs the update, at which I can then go into sleep mode--but what a waste of time! (Alternatively I could disable automatic updates, but then what is the point of having to disable one utility simply to avail of another?)

What a nuisance.

What I want is a button that installs the update(s) then RESETS the computer, THEN goes into Sleep mode. What about it, Microsoft? (I presume you are watching.)

The whole thing leaves me wondering if I actually am getting daily updates, or if something more sinister is going on, like a virus. (Nothing is showing up on my scans.)

Comments, anybody?


  anskyber 15:12 20 Dec 07

Updates every day?

If they are microsoft updates then I would be surprised. My defender updates come in about 3-4 max per week. Other updates are on the Microsoft monthly cycle.

Have you checked your update history to see what they are?

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