Vista Problems

  akilees 15:05 13 Apr 07

Hi Guys I have just installed Windows Vista Ultimate edition (Big Mistake) I am not able to use most of my software such as McAfee, Nero 7 and turbo lister etc since it is not compatable, so I decided to do a complete reset of my Dell Dimension 3100c by holding Ctrl and tapping F11 x 5 at start up which has worked for me many times before but will not work any more. So can any one advise me what to do please?

  Kate B 15:12 13 Apr 07

Did you format your hard drive before installing Vista? If so, you probably wiped your recovery partition.

  akilees 15:15 13 Apr 07

I do not know how to format my hard drive so i dont think so but i did a complete install of vista wiping everything from my computer.

Also thank you for your reply!

  Totally-braindead 15:17 13 Apr 07

When you installed Vista did you boot from the DVD and install it that way? Or did you install it from Windows when Windows was running?

If your hard drive has been formatted then XP is gone, it has been deleted and you cannot get it back.

  SteveWH 15:19 13 Apr 07

Akilees, have you thought about staying with Vista for a while I use the included burning software which has been fine for me. AVG is available free, the included firewall seems good enough etc.

  akilees 15:19 13 Apr 07

I downloaded it from utorrent

  akilees 15:23 13 Apr 07

I have thought about staying with Vista but I cant find add/remove programmes or even the burning software?

  Kate B 15:28 13 Apr 07

You downloaded Vista from uTorrent? Then you really are up the creek as I doubt you'll be able to activate the copy and it won't work after the grace period ends. You'll have to buy a retail copy of either Vista or XP to sort yourself out.

  akilees 15:30 13 Apr 07

Copy already activated so that wont cause any problems

  Kate B 15:31 13 Apr 07

Well, I doubt you'll get much more help here - we're not allowed to facilitate pirating of software.

  akilees 15:34 13 Apr 07

Thats fair enough thank you any way

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