Vista Out XP in?

  Squirrel1 20:05 14 Jun 07

I need to buy a 2nd laptop, but most, if not all of the offering out there come with Windows Vista.
I do not want Windows Vista!
What I would like to know is:

Can I format the HDD and install XP OEM, or will there be driver issues etc.
To sum-up I want a new laptop with XP on.

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prices excude o/s
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  Squirrel1 20:19 14 Jun 07

Thankyou "THE RAVEN", but what I had in mind was to buy a suitable laptop when I see the one that takes my fancy, but it will more than likley come with vista. Will there be any problems getting rid of vista and installing XP?

  Technotiger 20:25 14 Jun 07
  Technotiger 20:29 14 Jun 07

I think you will have problems trying to uninstall Vista ...

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  Squirrel1 20:29 14 Jun 07

Thank you Technotiger. I have heard that DELL are doing XP PC's again. But what I am trying to find out is: If I buy any Computer, from any retailer with windows vista already installed, can I get rid of vista and install XP with out any driver issues etc....

  Terry Brown 20:32 14 Jun 07

I a not sure, but I think the hardware would be configured to run Vista 64 bit against XP 32 bit. It may work, but !!!

  Squirrel1 20:37 14 Jun 07

Thankyou Terry.

Intersting point.
If the hardware has been set-up to run a 64bit O/S can it be set-up to run a 32Bit O/S by whatever means?

I am not familair with vista, so is it a 64Bit O/S or is there a 32bit version?

  Technotiger 20:38 14 Jun 07

As I said earlier, I believe you would be beset with problems when trying to un-install Vista.

  Technotiger 20:39 14 Jun 07

As I understand it Vista will run in either 64bit or 32bit. A lot of hardware will only run in 32bit.

  Technotiger 20:42 14 Jun 07

I setup Vista on a friends new desktop pc, but both she and I dislike it immensely - she is now thinking of getting back to XP, but it is going to cost!

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