Vista or XP

  manrow 22:20 31 Jan 08

3 months ago I asked for opinions on whether Vista had proven so good that I now ought to change to it.

After interesting debate the answer for me was that because of the amount of older software I could not afford to update as a pensioner, that I should continue with XP.

Anyone any thoughts today?

  mammak 22:42 31 Jan 08

If you are happy with XP then stay with it for the time being it's a personnel choice really,

I run both XP and Vista on my home Network the only thing I had to get new was a printer for my vista laptops to run wirelessly

my digital camera, usb flash drives run fine on Vista so I really have had no problems to speak of Good luck on what ever you decide.

  xania 08:53 01 Feb 08

Being a strong fan of XP, which has brought me into trouble on this site previously, I don;t see why you have to change. If it ain't broke... and there's a replacement on the way shortly so, at least miss out Vista and wait, and, at best, stay with Vista until oyu have to replace everything else. We OAP's really don't have to fund Mr Gates any more.

  HondaMan 09:24 01 Feb 08

on this:- MAKE Homebuilt MOTHERBOARD ASUS P35N32-E SLI PROCESSOR Intel Core 2 Quad 6600 2.4 Ghz RAM 2048 MB GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT 256 MB HARD DRIVES 2 X 500 GB SATA X2 2 X 320 GB PATA 133, which is well able to run Vista, but I have a liking for XP and have no intention of changing until XP is unsustainable

  manrow 09:38 01 Feb 08

I am fascinated to read about the Vista replacement in xania's post above!

How soon is this likely to occur?

  dumb_haddock 10:08 01 Feb 08

The last time i heard it was called Windows Vienna/Windows 7 but this is likely to be changed, as Vista used to be codenamed Longhorn. click here

Knowing Microsoft, they'll wait presumably until everyone's upgraded to Vista and then release it. It may still be a while though.

  dumb_haddock 10:10 01 Feb 08

Vienna is scheduled for release in 2010, however there is a 'Windows Fiji' on the way this year aka. Vista 'R2' but i assume this is just an update to fix some of Vista's many flaws.

  manrow 10:12 01 Feb 08

By clicking on the link above, it seems the replacement may be 3 years away.

  dumb_haddock 10:23 01 Feb 08

If you want to Upgrade to Vista, it is worth considering your computer's spec. I ran Vista on my old AMD Sempron 3000+ Computer With 512M of ram for about a month, finding it ran a severe amount slower then XP on the same machine.

Vista is also very hungry for Disk space, as it uses things like system restore and Shadow Copies of files to keep backups. This can quickly fill up a small drive, like one on a Notebook. (These features can be turned off.

Other issues are the compatibility issues. Programs such as Antivirus programs may not be compatible, and you may also have to buy upgrades for that software. Its worth checking if the software you want is in the incompatibility list here click here

  dumb_haddock 10:24 01 Feb 08

oops... sorry thats a list of 'compatible' programs

  €dstowe 10:37 01 Feb 08

We have two Vista machines amongst the twenty four that we use.

Our next (replacement) machines will be XP. Vista holds few, if any, advantages for my company.

I already have XP disks in reserve for my new builds.

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