Vista looks like win 95

  colem 17 Aug 11

Hi, I have a dell inspiron laptop. It appears that since the last windows update the vista theme has disappeared. The icons are all ok but the menus and tabs have turned into windows classic mode. The only themes that are available are classic, current and browse. I have tried restore to before the update to no avail. Anybody with advise would be much appreciated. Thanks

  Woolwell 17 Aug 11

2 things:

1 - Is your graphics driver up to date?

  1. Read through this Vista Themes
  Woolwell 17 Aug 11

Hm - don't know what happened to the format above. Obviously should be 2 read through etc

  woodchip 17 Aug 11

Have you checked its not running Classic Mode? Right click Task Bar then Properties.

Whatever Flavour of Windows I always turn it to Classic, as I do not like other gizmo stiles, they confuse too much looking for stuff

  woodchip 17 Aug 11

PS did you know that all the effects and transitions sap the guts out of your system, just to make it look pretty. That's the first thing I do with a New PC or Laptop. Turn them all off. If I want flowers I will buy real ones

  Woolwell 17 Aug 11

woodchip - I think that just changes the start menu to classic.

  woodchip 17 Aug 11

Yep it does, but other things can be got at By right Clicking on My Computer/Properties/Advanced/Performance

  Zeppelyn 17 Aug 11

Two things to try which have worked for me:-

Go to Help and Support, type in Aero Troubleshooter and hit search, it should be the top entry.


Refresh your Windows Experience Index

  colem 17 Aug 11

Thanks Woolwel, the run through on the Vista Themes did the trick, although it did say that the vista theme could not run as the themes service was not running. I checked in services and it was, so I restarted the service and hey presto, Vista theme works. Woodchip, I know that 'flowers' sap the system, but as the laptop is only used for word docs and excel, why not have it looking pretty?

Thanks again for you help

  Woolwell 17 Aug 11

Glad it is sorted.


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