Vista laptop soundcard... help!

  dammitt 08:53 12 Mar 08

I have a Dell laptop with Vista, I found out that my internal soundcard doesn't support the 'what u hear' option so I brought a Creative Soundblaster soundcard after being told that they support this function...but after installing it have found out that the extreme notebook version (the only creative soundcard i can use with a Vista laptop) doesn't support 'what u hear' either.
Can anyone recommend a soundcard for a Vista laptop that DOES support this function?

  johnnyrocker 11:32 12 Mar 08

might find some help if you click here=


  dammitt 12:42 12 Mar 08

All I can find is advice on enabling disabled devices for the 'what u hear' option. My creative sound card does not support this and doesn't have the option disabled or not.
Creative notebook sound cards compatible with Vista do not have this option.
Does anyone know of a sound card not by Creative that will work with a Vista laptop?

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