Vista laptop slow, can't think of what else to do. Please help?

  buel 16 May 12

Hi, My friend has a very slow vista laptop that im trying to help him with. It has 2gb of Ram, i have run SuperAntispyware and Malwayebytes scans that have found a few nasties but it is still verrrrry slow. I put Avast on there and updated it put when i run a scan it hangs on 1%.

I have the task manager up at the moment with nothing (seemingly) running and the CPU usage is 1% but the memory is permanently on around 770mb.

Please can someone help me out here?

  buel 16 May 12

Hello, anyone?

  northumbria61 16 May 12

Download and Run CCleaner (Free Version) from here enter link description here

  Forum Editor 16 May 12

Have you run the disk defragmenter utility?

Have you looked at the startup list?

  lotvic 16 May 12

"memory is permanently on around 770mb"

Can you explain what you mean by that? Where did it show that?

  buel 17 May 12

Hi, i had used Ccleaner and Defraggler. As mentioned in my original post, the task manager gave me the info regarding the memory usage. Please can anyone else help?

  markd71 17 May 12

Try sfc/scannow and remove Avast, Use Microsoft security essentials. Also a little history on the problem, like when it slowed down. Was it after installing an update or a program

  onthelimit1 17 May 12

Make sure you only have ONE anti virus - if more, they'll conflict and slow everything down. More than one antimalware is OK.

  buel 18 May 12

Hi, I now only have Microsoft Security Essentials, i have updated it and run a scan and it has not found anything. Below is the result of running sfc /scannow:

After about 30 minutes of restarting, the laptop runs seemingly fine, however during the original 30 minutes it was very unresponsive.

Please can anyone give me any further help?

Can i use a OEM Vista disc to repair the corrupt files?

  rdave13 18 May 12

Some good tips here. Just make a note of any changes you make in case you need to restore some services.

  buel 18 May 12

Thanks but i think it's more than just 'speeding up' Vista. There seems to be something causing this and id like any ideas what?


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