vista laptop h/d loosing capacity

  hunted 16 Nov 11

Hi, got a vista laptop, had it approx 2 years & runs ok. However noticed last 2-3 weeks tha h/d capacity is on the decline. where as approx 3 weeks ago it showed 35gb, today it shows 30gb. Download from internet but also delete them when watched & then run disc clean up but notice it still doesnt restore it back to the 35gb capacity? Are there any other areas you need to go to, to delete any other files etc. Any replies appreciated.

  northumbria61 16 Nov 11

Bit more info required if you want help - are you saying you just have a 35GB (Total Capacity) Hard Drive? I find that hard to believe - are you sure you are not talking about a partition on your hard drive?

  hunted 16 Nov 11

I've got 56gb in c drive & 54gb in d drive. C drive has already got a few programs installed so it will not be completely free, however like i said in my last email approx 3 weeks ago it was showing 35gb in c drive, today it shows 30gb in c drive so where has the 5gb gone?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16 Nov 11

CCleaner">">CCleaner download and run see how much rubbish it clears from your drives

very safe to run will not remove anything that will cause a problem.

  Joe G 16 Nov 11

I regularly have to go into my System Restore and delete all Restore Points then create a new one - obviously you need to ensure your laptop is clear of viruses etc before you do this. Vista eats drive space - I'm amazed you have had it for 2 years and only now have the problem - it has been like that from day 1 for me!

  hunted 16 Nov 11

I have to do system restore possibly once a month as i find that when my pc gets the regular updates it has some conflict with the internet connection & i keep loosing the internet so i have to do a system restore to an earlier date & this seems to get the internet working again. Thanks Fruit Bat, will get the cnet download investigated.

  hunted 20 Nov 11

I've installed the ccleaner but still dont see the c h/d regaining much of the lost capacity

  northumbria61 20 Nov 11

Download and Run Auslogics Disk Defrag from here enter link description here

  northumbria61 20 Nov 11

Defraggler is another good alternative enter link description here


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