Vista DVD

  Josho™ 23:13 11 Jun 06

Hi, I'm having a few problems burning the image to disk, I did it and it said 19.?? MB!! I knew that wasn't right, so now I am "Full Erasing" the DVD, and starting it again at a smaller burn rate, about 2 or 3x. I was wondering if you had any tips, and also if I can't get it going I could send a DVD and stamped envolope to one of you guys and you could burn it and send it back. I would give you the DVD+RW and another stamoed envolope so you don't pay anything. Thanks guys!

  Diodorus Siculus 01:38 12 Jun 06

Try burning to a DVD -R or DVD+R rather than RW.

If mine ever downloads, I'll send it to you if you want - just email me via the yellow envelope.

  Diodorus Siculus 01:44 12 Jun 06

By the way, it's the 64bit I'm downloading.

  Mark McC 11:43 12 Jun 06

would anyone who downloaded the vista burn it to a dvd and post it to me. it dosent matter if it's 64Bit or 32Bit i have a compatiable processor


i have the vista serial when i tried to download it but i dont have the vista os.


  mattyc_92 11:56 12 Jun 06

The download is 3.12GB...
What is the file-size of the downloaded *.iso you have?

I had a problem when burning it. I had to burn at 4x instead of 8x and it worked perfectly.

Please remember that Vista is a BETA, so some programs and hardware wont work on it!! Also, I (and my friend) have had some problems installing Vista along side XP....

If you decide to install Vista, backup all your work before hand

  Josho™ 11:58 12 Jun 06

I'll probably get some DVD+R disks and I 'll try and send you one. I don't know why, but my laptop wouldn't burn it but my main PC did, weird.

  Josho™ 12:00 12 Jun 06

I won't resolve this topic, but I will others. I wont resovle this as others are asking for help and it'll take up less space.

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