Vista Driver for Canon i550 inkjet printer

  golucky 09:39 03 Aug 07

My Canon i550, used previously on a Windows XP O/S, needs a driver to enable it on a Vista O/S.
My XP setup disk won't even load into Vista and Canon's Drivers website is a little confusing as it tells of "Add-on" driver modules, whatever!
Has anyone any experience of this - and success?
Advice welcomed and appreciated.

  Stuartli 09:40 03 Aug 07
  golucky 09:46 03 Aug 07

Most grateful, Stuartli.

  Pine Man 09:48 03 Aug 07

I have an iP5200 and had all sorts of drivers listed to do various things. Downloaded and installed the lot and my printer now works better and has all the functions it had before.

If you find some of the applications you have installed are no use don't worry you can uninstall them.

You won't do any harm installing them all and it is the easiest way to find out what they do. Go for it!

  jakimo 10:52 03 Aug 07

Glad to see canon providing drivers compatible with Vista,wish Epson did the same (cant use print cd\dvd or ink monitor on the R300)I know what brand my next printer will be

  Stuartli 13:44 03 Aug 07

The Epson Print CD is additional software provided with the printer - it's not an Epson specific creation.

That's why you can't download it from the Epson website, only the installation disk.

Epson R300 Vista page here:

click here

  golucky 10:08 04 Aug 07

Thankyou, gentlemen. I've now found the necessary driver and the printer is fully functional - I think! The Canon i550 is a very practical, relatively unsophisticated printer; it has been a 'goodun' but once I've used my supply of spare cartridges I think I'll have to look around for a replacement. Any ideas, Canonwise?

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