vista down xp above

  annimated 23:01 16 Aug 08

hi buds as title says xp above
vista main computor what do i need to make the above xp wireless thanks me

  DieSse 23:13 16 Aug 08

Do you mean you have a Vista computer downstairs, and an XP upstairs?

And you want to add wireless to the XP machine?

If yes - is the XP system just to connect with a wireless router near the Vista system?

Or what?

To add wireless to a system, you need a wireless card, a USB wireless stick, or a USB wireless adapter.

Let us know a tad more and someone might advise you better.

  crosstrainer 23:14 16 Aug 08

Sorry, but I don't understand your question. Do you mean you are trying to connect an XP computer to a Vista computer via Wireless?

  annimated 23:21 16 Aug 08


  crosstrainer 23:26 16 Aug 08

Do you have a wireless router / modem? If so make and model will help us to help you.

Ethernet card(s) wireless card??

As much information as you can provide will help :)

  annimated 15:45 17 Aug 08

d link wireless access point g54 + a wireless 108g usb adaptor

  DieSse 16:37 17 Aug 08


Come on - please help us out a bit - we don't know what you've got where properly - try to be a bit more explicit so we don't have to keep guessing.

Describe you whole set up in a bit more detail - and what's missing out of it, what you can do and can't do right now - and you will get more help.

  annimated 16:49 17 Aug 08

hi sorry virgin broadband running vista buisness down stars set the d link up to the vista machine and the usb stick to the up stairs XP could pick up other house wireless next door ect but not the vista on the floor below any better

  DieSse 17:54 17 Aug 08

"set the d link up to the vista machine"

You would normally plug a wireless access point into the router.

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