Vista compatibility

  the-george 14:15 21 Jan 08

Got a new laptop arriving shortly and need to know if older versions of MS office are compatible with Vista?

I know that AVG free antivirus is ok and that Zone Alarm 7.0 (free) is not. Is there a good free firewallout there that is compatible with Vista?

  brundle 14:18 21 Jan 08

I've used Office 2000 with no problems. Can't advise on a firewall as I don't use a 3rd party one.

  the-george 16:09 21 Jan 08

I assume that Vista has its own firewall but is it any better than the one in XP?

  mfletch 16:26 21 Jan 08

Comodo free firewall is vista compatible,

click here

I would not use the defense part of it though because you already have Windows Defender installed,


  Sea Urchin 16:37 21 Jan 08

If you are used to using ZoneAlarm, then I have found that ZoneAlarm for Vista works fine

click here

  the-george 19:19 21 Jan 08

Ok Thanks for those ideas.

Just one more thing. Does Windows defender have to be turned off in order to use a 3rd party firewall? If so, how is it done. I don't yet have any experience of Vista biut want to get up and running asp and then sort out the details later.

  mfletch 19:21 21 Jan 08

Windows defender can be left on and running,

Windows defender is a antimalware nothing to do with the firewall,


  the-george 21:06 22 Jan 08

So, does Vista have its own firewall like XP? If so, is it any good or should it be turned off and a third party firewall used?

  Sea Urchin 21:12 22 Jan 08

Yes, it does have its own firewall, which I think is better than that in XP. However, I preferred to disable it and use the ZoneAlarm for Vista in my previous link. Go to Control Panel (or Start menu) and open Vista Admin Tools where you will find Firewall controls.

  skidzy 21:23 22 Jan 08

Vista Firewall briefly explained;

Vista's firewall is very similar to the xp firewall but with the option to create rules on outgoing traffic.

By default Vista's firewall blocks inbound traffic just as xp's firewall,however to block outward bound traffic in Vista you need to create the rules and permissions.

And to be honest its tricky and can be very confusing.

Now if your the only user of the computer,i suspect the default settings will serve you fine if you do not visit ...lets say iffy sites etc.

Though if the computer has a few users,i would recommend a third party firewall as advised above (Zonealarm).

Some reading here to help you along click here

  the-george 15:35 23 Jan 08

Thanks for all info. think I am ready to go now.

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