vista appearance on XP

  iqs 18:38 06 Jun 06

Hello.You might be interested in these programs which are supplied with this months XP TOOLS,issue 31.One of the discs contains various programs which will change the appearance of XP ,so it resembles VISTA.The software I have installed is called Brico Pack Vista click here .I know there are many other programs which offer various themes,but in my opinion this rates as one of the best.If you decide to have a look, let me know what you think.Cheers,Mike

  Jackcoms 20:14 06 Jun 06

Why would I want XP to resemble Vista?

What is the point?

  rdave13 23:56 06 Jun 06

I've been running the vista inspirat for a while now and it's sometimes nice to have a change. I also like the "dock" settings which I keep to the top of the screen.

  wolfie3000 01:03 07 Jun 06

one for the bookmarks.

Im always tarting up my desktop heres my latest creation.

click here

  iqs 20:18 07 Jun 06

To refresh an old design.

It makes you wonder how VISTA will look,when you use these appearance changing programs.Roll on 2007,unless Microsoft but back the release date again.
The dock is very useful,easier to locate your icons and the desktop looks less cluttered.

Very nice desktop you created.I wish I had the know-how to attempt an original theme. : )

Thanks for your comments

  Jimmy14 20:39 07 Jun 06

iqs was only informing the members of these forums. The point is that it will obviously still be xp but you will have the feel of vista by the appearance.
Thanks for the info iqs.

  The Spires 20:55 07 Jun 06

iqs, I like fiddling with the looks of my desk too, I have been using Style XP with various themes along with Icon Packager & it certainly brightens things up. :-)

  Jackcoms 21:00 07 Jun 06

"The point is that it will obviously still be xp but you will have the feel of vista by the appearance."

But I use my computer for COMPUTING, not so that I can admire its pretty appearance.

I still fail to see the point.

  The Spires 08:32 08 Jun 06

Jackcom, you could say why bother to paint & wallpaper your home, or many other purely aesthetic things we do, some people like to change the appearance of their PC, just because they do.

  Pine Man 16:14 08 Jun 06


"But I use my computer for COMPUTING, not so that I can admire its pretty appearance".

So you have got the original wallpaper on your desktop that came the day you loaded XP...Yeh

  wolfie3000 23:23 08 Jun 06


Also as well as looking pretty and easy on the eye with a few carefully placed widgets its more functional too,

Also with what i did to mine it tidies up the icons on the desktop.

My pet hate is the small arrows on shortcuts they look horrible.

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