Vista agaim - Content Advisor

  Malapoa1 18:23 27 Feb 08

I am beung plagued by "Content Advisor". I have searched for it without avail and tried to look it up in "Vista for Dummies" but it is not there. Does anyone know how to make it go away? When making an enquiry with Ability Office I had to enter a password every time I looked at a new page!!

  rawprawn 19:16 27 Feb 08

See if this helps click here

  Malapoa1 15:03 05 Mar 08

Thanks Rawprawn - problem solved

  Malapoa1 15:08 05 Mar 08

I am getting on well acclimatizing to Ability Database but have encountered one seemingly intractable problem. When making labels from the database I find that that they print in a 13pt. font!
I have been to Format - Font but the"Apply" button in the dialogue box is in grayscale and hence does not work. The datanase itself if in 10pt. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

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