Vista Aero had disappeared

  Art* 21:07 26 Dec 08

Hi, I have just got a laptop acer aspire 5630 back from my ssiter, it runs vista home premium. I had to reinstall it asfter it wouldnt boot up, and since ive done the updates the aero desctop had gone. I have looked online and done what it says about going into appearnace and settings but it is not in that list where its ment to be for activation so I am stuck with what looks like millenium. All the drivers are upto date and my rating is 3.1

  Clapton is God 21:13 26 Dec 08

Try right-clicking on any empty area of the Desktop and then clicking Personalise in the context menu.

Next, click the Windows Colour and Appearance option. Select the Enable Transparency check box and click OK.

  Art* 21:16 26 Dec 08

i get a old style appearance box and the only options i have arewindows standard, windows classic, high contrast whaite, black 1, 2 it was fine last night and it all went when i booted up today

  chub_tor 21:36 26 Dec 08

Two solutions via Google

1. Open the start menu
2. Right mouse click on computer
3. Select properties fromt the right mouse menu
next to the word Rating, click the blue text Windows xsperience Index to Update My Score.

or click here

  Art* 21:45 26 Dec 08

same score 3.1 , i have business graphics of 3.1 and the other graphics scores 3.5, but still no option to activate aero.

  rdave13 21:48 26 Dec 08

Reinstall again and reformat the hdd.

  rdave13 21:50 26 Dec 08

Should have mentioned, reinstall the mobo's drivers.
If only a factory reinstall available then use that.

  rdave13 22:37 26 Dec 08

If you've used the reinstall to factory re-set and have no aero it looks as if it's installed Vista Basic.
Contact Acer as there's a bollock dropped somewhere by them.

  Art* 00:08 27 Dec 08

i couldnt even use the factory reset so i used my pcs vista disk and installed premium it went silly after the updates, so ive just installed ultimate and done the updates, problem is getting the driver from acer site it never lets me download a file

  rdave13 00:18 27 Dec 08

If the laptop is creating problems and still under warranty then I strongly advise you to contact ACER. They have made a mistake with the machine as to the OS and restore function.

In the mean time ,just to get the PC to work, try PC Wizard 2008 just to get the right drivers so laptop can work in the mean time.
click here

  Art* 00:33 27 Dec 08

nope no warranty so ill get pc wizard ive never heard of the utility b4 but looks a very hand tool thanx for the advice, i will however still contact acer after ive made sure i have the drivers installed and it still causes probs but i think it is a software fault.

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