Vista Aero and Clear Type Fonts etc

  mooly 11:55 14 Jul 09

Is it possible to keep the Vista Aero theme and all, and yet have the "text" displayed as if using Vista basic etc so that it's absolutely pin sharp on such things as spreadsheets and wordprocessor documents etc.
The "clear type" fonts are not good, I have tried various settings and even tried the (new updated for Vista) Microsoft "cleartype tuning" utility but it's still not good at all.

  Woolwell 12:45 14 Jul 09

Cannot replicate your problem. My font looks (to me) the same in Aero and basic. Is your monitor set up correctly?

  mooly 13:18 14 Jul 09

I think so.
With Aero such things as web pages etc are sharp, Microsoft documents and so on are not.
Even for example launching say MS Works word processor. The box that appears for a couple of seconds as the program starts listing the legal details etc is "blurry"
The text on a lot of programs is also like this when you open them.
It's a 17" laptop set to native resolution of 1440*900 but I use a highish DPI setting of 144.
Themes other than Aero give the super sharp text.

  ened 13:19 14 Jul 09

If I understand you correctly your fonts are not sharp in (for example) Word documents.

That will be nothing to do with any Windows theme.

You need to look at your graphics set up.

  mooly 13:39 14 Jul 09

It looks like this,
click here

You don't seem to be able to keep the Aero theme and have "traditional" graphics.
All the text on this PCA web page is super sharp.
All text on MS programs and 3rd party programs looks like clear type in the above link.

  ened 13:58 14 Jul 09

I just clicked your link and the 'Clear Type' box is showing as crystal clear as the writing on this page.

  Woolwell 14:35 14 Jul 09

Same as ened. I tried your 144 DPI (wish I hadn't - is there a reason for this?) and still font in Word is clear but the small print on the splash screen as Word, etc is loaded is not entirely clear.
What font are you using in your documents?

  mooly 14:49 14 Jul 09

In my link above (this is weird) the box that shows "cleartype" looks on my screen just how text in documents and so on looks. It's slightly fuzzy, as if viewed through glass with a hint of condensation on. The wording above and below in that link is 100% pin sharp.
Using (tried a few) Arial, Roman, all the usuals.
Maybe I should experiment with the DPI... it's a pain altering that.
Why 144 ?, it gives good sized text on a 17" screen while staying with the native resolution of 1440*900. And I have IE8 set to 130% custom zoom. Otherwise everything is microscopic at that resolution.

  Woolwell 14:53 14 Jul 09

Just to be plain - the cleartype box in your link is sharp for me and the other not so good.

  mooly 15:00 14 Jul 09

Yes the one on the left is awful on mine.
For example an i or l is "squiggly" being technical about it. The one on the right is just "fuzzy", in comparison to the text above which reads "use this on line tuner..." which is pin sharp. The size of text as displayed looks the same for the "cleartype" box and the pinsharp text above.

  ened 15:07 14 Jul 09

You're right it is weird.

Have you tried using a different browser?

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