Vista 64 ultimate with Xfi creative soundcard

  blusher 14:37 13 Sep 07

hi i have a vista 64 ultimate computer with a creative Xfi elite pro soundcard 4 gig of ram sli 2X 8800gtx nvidia cards most of the problems i have had are all but gone running games and most software with no problems got all the latest driver updates but i have 1 problem that i cant seem to fix no matter what i do , i use a program called paltalk which i use for music to listen and to play , listening to people playing there music no problem but if i try to play the sound to others is like all broken up or makes such a bad sound i get muted i have 8meg broadband so i dont think its that ,i have had loads of help in the paltalk rooms but nothing helps. my music while i play sounds great to me , any help on this would be well appreciated ty .

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