vista 64 bit

  jimv7 19:09 09 Jun 06

Strange happening, on an install attempt on my daughters and a friends puter the vista 64 bit files are not seen.

daughters, 3.4 64bit athlon msi k8 mobo 754 socket

friends, 3.2 64 bit athlon winfast mobo

both puters give the error 'not a valid 32 bit operation

works ok on mine. 4.2x2 gigabyte mobo.

  jimv7 19:10 09 Jun 06

Oh, error from a cold boot/clean install and from reading the dvd in win xp.

  jimv7 07:20 12 Jun 06


  Mark McC 11:41 12 Jun 06

would anyone who downloaded the vista burn it to a dvd and post it to me. it dosent matter if it's 64Bit or 32Bit i have a compatiable processor


i have the vista serial when i tried to download it but i dont have the vista os.


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