Electronic_Eric 13:53 28 Jun 09


My mate tried fixing his mates laptop. Anyway he buggered it up and then for some reason he decided to install XP on the laptop. Now XP doesnt properly work on the laptop so he wants to re-install vista back on to it.
How can he access the backup installion of vista that came with his laptop? If not, where can he download a copy of vista without having to pay for it? The laptop comes with a windows vista licence. The licence is for windows vista home premium.

Thanks for any help in advance.


  T I M B O 13:56 28 Jun 09

Has they tried using the F10 keys to access the recover partition. If you manage to get back into vista, you need to make a set of recovery dvd's for that machine, if it will now let you. But 1st try and get that vista back from the hidden partition. F10 for SONY but i have no clue what lappy u have....

Best bet is to see if anybody has a copy of windows vista home premium on disc.
If he had the laptop from new, he would have had to make backup discs incase anything like this happening.

  Electronic_Eric 14:02 28 Jun 09

When should F10 be pressed?

When i bought my laptop from new, it never accessed me to make backup discs.

  Electronic_Eric 14:04 28 Jun 09

Ive just asked about the recovery discs and he said that he doesnt.

  T I M B O 14:04 28 Jun 09

When the pc has been switched on, press F10 like ur life depended on it, this is assuming that installing xp has not removed this partition. Quite often you need to wipe the hard drive to remove this hidden partition, so lets hope this has not happened.

  Electronic_Eric 14:08 28 Jun 09

He has just tried the F10 thing and it didnt work.

  Electronic_Eric 14:09 28 Jun 09

Since the backup is in another partition is there no way of loading the laptop straight in to it?

  T I M B O 14:11 28 Jun 09

What make is the lap top? Like i said, it does depend what make it is, SONY is F10, it might be diffrent to yours.

  Electronic_Eric 14:12 28 Jun 09

Its a Toshiba

  T I M B O 14:17 28 Jun 09

Try F11

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