bignora 14:52 17 Jul 07

hi, my mate bought a pc with vista loaded. but there appears to be no windows word or works on it. i have o.e.m. disc with microsoft works on it from windows 98. can i load it on to his machine? he wants to write letters. thanks. derek.

  Jackcoms 14:58 17 Jul 07

"but there appears to be no windows word or works on it"

No, there wouldn't be unless he bought MS Office or Works separately.

You are entitled to load Office/Works onto 2 machines. So, if you have only used your Works disc on one machine, you should also be able to load it on to your friend's machine - although Works 98 is only about one step up from using parchment and quill pen.

  Jackcoms 15:06 17 Jul 07

Look here first click here Your version of Works may not be compatible with Vista

  wee eddie 15:10 17 Jul 07

Open Office. It's free and compatible with Word and Excel

  Jackcoms 15:12 17 Jul 07

"Unfortunately the above is not legal"

Which bit of "the above" is "not legal"?

  wee eddie 15:23 17 Jul 07

only for the machine it is installed on.

Apart from that:

If you were the owner of a full copy of M$ Works/Word you may be allowed to install it on more than one computer but that Computer must be part of your "Goods & Chattels", the way they put it is that it has to be "in your Household"

  skidzy 16:20 17 Jul 07

Where did your buy the pc from ?

All the systems i have bought have either had Works preloaded or have been supplied with the disc.
This includes PC World and Dell.

Do check the packaging for the disc.

  moby58 18:27 17 Jul 07

i just bought a new laptop with vista---and theres no other discs...not preloaded...and no disc...!

  skidzy 18:34 17 Jul 07

I must be the lucky one then !

Where did you buy from ?

  ROYSTERO 19:45 17 Jul 07

I have a new pc with vista.Works is preloaded.

  Totally-braindead 19:54 17 Jul 07

It depends on the vendor. Some provide Works and some don't. Some just provide a bare system with windows on it.

Try OpenOffice as has already been suggested.

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