Visiontec who are they?

  adambucky 20 Feb 12

Hi I have been looking at some computer products on amazon under the brand name 'Visiontec' Does anyone know who they are and if so can you supply a web address?


  northumbria61 21 Feb 12

There is Vision Tek (with a K) here enter link description here

  spuds 21 Feb 12

The thing that I find rather strange with their website, is there appears to be no contact address or telephone number, everything as to be done via the website email contact. Their returns and shipping page appears to be blank or showing an error?.

The warranty page tells you about 90 day, 1/2/3 or limited lifetime warranties, so I suspect that you would need to look into this further, before making a purchase?.

If its through Amazon, then check customer reviews for this company.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

The Visiontec items on Amazon are sold by the IT Store, a market place trader.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12
  northumbria61 21 Feb 12

Woolwell - good find. A UK based firm that can be contacted. That should put adambucky's mind at ease.

  robin_x 21 Feb 12

I had a look for Visiontec PCs and cases last night. (not Visiontek Graphics Cards etc)

I found nothing either and decided to see what anyone turned up this morning.

Personally I would expect any computer search to pop up a site with conatact and support/drivers/downloads/manuals/FAQs and spare part suppliers.

I would not consider a product that appears to be invisible on the net apart from how to buy it.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

The search for a site for a UK based Visiontec is proving fruitless. There are a few companies using the name Visiontec or versions of it. Most seem small companies and do not appear to have websites. Perhaps a call to IT Store asking where they are based would help. The warranty should be with IT Store though.

  spuds 21 Feb 12

Checking with Companies House, it would appear that Vision-Tec is an IT company registered in Romsey, Hampshire (04560782). Vision Tek is a building installation company, registered in Wimbourne, Dorset (07228978)

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

From what I can work out Visiontec computers are only sold by the IT Store. Locally made or bought in?

  lotvic 21 Feb 12

Makes it difficult/impossible if you ever have cause to invoke 'manufacturers guarantee'


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