virus...."marco.scr" ?

  Morpheus© 22:55 04 May 03

hi, each time i start the PC, win98se, the screen goes red, with a message

a virus was found in marco.scr

i have AVG running i clicked "heal" anyone tell me what it is about...and what do i do now?


  Valvegrid 23:04 04 May 03

If AVG has lept on the virus it's probably quaratined it, in which case AVG has ripped it up and put it in a file called $vault$.avg. If you want to check, open AVG and have a look at test results, you should see it there. It will do no further harm.


  Valvegrid 23:07 04 May 03

Have you allowed AVG access to the virus so it can do its job and murder it?

  Morpheus© 23:15 04 May 03

i can not get to AVG i click on "heal" each time, and when i can get the PC started all i have on the yask bar is the clock and the connect icon..

  Valvegrid 23:28 04 May 03

It's been a while since I've had a virus, so I'm trying to remember. Is heal the only option? Because I seem to remember some other options when you get the red screen, from memory I think there was one that said "do you want AVG to access the virus?" If you click on it AVG should kill it.

  muppetmark 23:32 04 May 03

click here

quite a nasty piece of work, looks like possibly a reformat :-(

  bvw in bristol 23:48 04 May 03

This virus can only be healed in MS-DOS or Safe mode.

  bvw in bristol 23:54 04 May 03

click here

Might be helpful to print the instructions if you can.

  Morpheus© 00:04 05 May 03

thank you all. looks like it is going to be a long night......i will report back later.

  bvw in bristol 00:06 05 May 03

Good luck.

  Morpheus© 07:32 05 May 03

it worked, thank you all again....

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