Virused PC loging off by its self PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  DjSprinks 15:29 12 Feb 09

Hi people a friend has reacently ask for my help to get rid of a virus/trojen off there pc but upon looking at it i was stuck! as it wont even let me log in! the windows blue login screen is replaced by a black login screen with no acounts and when you try to log in with any user name it starts to load then comes up with the log out boxes (saving yr seting ect) and goes back to the log in screen again! its really buging me why its doing this is it the virus? and how can i get it to log in? would be very greatfull for any help!! :)

  DjSprinks 15:34 12 Feb 09

does any one have any advice for what i could do with my CPU INIT errored asus striker extreme mobo? other than bin it?! :) as someone sold me a faulty one on ebay and i really wanna get my main desktop up and running again!!!! :)

  tullie 15:36 12 Feb 09

How about solving the first problem,then start another thread.

  DjSprinks 15:52 12 Feb 09

ok ile do that then just someone said once why not put 2 probs on one thread! lol.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:41 12 Feb 09

tap F8 while booting and boot to save mode and run your antivirus software and antimalware sofware.

Make sure you're not overclocking.

Make sure ram speed and timing settings in the bios are correct for your installed memory. Dont trust auto-detection or at least doublecheck what settings it guessed at.

Make sure you have the 4 or 8 pin cpu power connector properly plugged into the motherboard.Tends to be pushed out of alignment by the heatpipe.

Make sure none of the screws are shorting the motherboard to the case

Make sure your motherboard has the latest bios available from the asus website.

  DjSprinks 17:21 12 Feb 09

thanks for yr help Fruit Bat /\0/\
! have tryed in safe mode still wont let me log on to windows! to be able to run any anti virus software.
2 my pc wont boot there is no video and all fans ect switch off after a few seconds this is when mobo lcd fault poster flashes CPU INIT i have checked for grounding problems and the 4/8 pin cpu connector

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 12 Feb 09

reset BIOS by using clear BIOS jumper or by removing battery for 10 minutes (if dual BIOS then reset both to defaults)

then retry to boot.

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