virus--WTC survivor

  dblspace 14:57 06 Apr 03

Just had a warning about a virus "WTC survivor"
could it be a hoax?? ,or is it a real one.


  VoG™ 14:59 06 Apr 03


  VoG™ 15:00 06 Apr 03
  mikef™ 15:01 06 Apr 03

Hoax, have a look here click here the site is great for checking for hoaxes click here

  dblspace 15:23 06 Apr 03

How do I send a "click here" to my friend like what you sent me? (I am a bit new to this E-mail


  Cantillion 15:26 06 Apr 03

right click on the "click here", select copy short cut, then paste into your email programme (ctrl-v)

  VoG™ 15:27 06 Apr 03

Highlight the address in the bar in Internet Explorer. Press CTRL+C to copy it.

Go into the e-mail that you are composing and CTRL+V to paste it in. It will turn into a hyperlink when you send the message.

If you do a similar thing on this site, the hyperlink appears as "click here" after you have posted it, although you can see what the address is by hovering the cursor over it.

  dblspace 15:41 06 Apr 03

Thank you for your help,you assistance is greatly appreciated,I am learning slowly,Im getting on in years (80 next year)and a bit thick at times
Thanks again

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