Virus Warning

  Pesala 16:43 25 Apr 04

Another of these hoax emails going around. Just a reminder not to open the attachment that purports to be from Symantec. I don't even have any Symantec software installed, but I still received this email:

The sample file you sent contains a new virus version of buppa.k.

Please update your virus scanner with the attached dat file.

Best Regards,

Keria Reynolds

  end 17:16 25 Apr 04

can you tell me what the "subject" title of the e mail is? I pesume this relates to Norton?

  Pesala 17:32 25 Apr 04
  end 17:39 25 Apr 04

thanks; that was what I was afraid of; no. havent got one YET, but do have Norton ON here and what you say IS a feasable post for me to get in e mail format; the other hitch with this thread, I did NOT click on that link that is appearing for ME in blue but NOT a "click here"; will need to be aware OF it in case it attempts to get sent to me.... of interest, apart fromt eh fact that you have no symantec stuff on your system, how did you know it IS a virus hoax thing???

  Pesala 20:03 25 Apr 04

It was pretty obvious in my case, since I never sent anything to Symantec, and they don't know me from Adam.

Hoaxes can be very convincing. I got one from [email protected] telling me that my email account was going to be discontinued, so please click on the link to find out more, etc. I nearly did. BTW don't worry about the email links here, it would just open your email program to compose an email to that address. It is no advised to post your own email address here, but mine is pretty public anyhow. I get my fair share of spam, but no more than I can handle.

A lot of hoaxes purport to come from Microsoft, with patches and bug fixes, but companies always release patches on their websites for customers to download from. They do not email individual customers. Just imagine sending 20 million emails (>_<)

Watch out for the ones that begin Dear <your name>, do they really know you, or have they just deduced your name from somewhere very obvious?

  lucky1 22:15 25 Apr 04

Bit worrying for those of us who use Symantec! Bump.

  gudgulf 00:11 26 Apr 04

click here
Symmantec,like Microsoft and most other organisations would not notify of updates or security issues by e-mail.

  lucky1 19:28 26 Apr 04

I regularly receive update 'news' from Symantec and this is the email address they usually use!

  gudgulf 20:45 26 Apr 04

Point taken--I didn,t allow any email notifications for updates when I set up my internet security.

Another thing--my Norton internet security 2004 scans email attachments.It has already safely dealt with at least 20 virus containing e mails.If yours does not do this then I would upgrade to one that does.

  €dstowe 21:02 26 Apr 04

There is another "Symantec" one saying that your email could not be delivered - I've had about six of these.

I don't know what they contain as they are caught by the BT spam trap and I'm not inclined to open them. One thing is certain though, they are not genuine as nothing resembling Symantec gets near my machines!


  kinger 21:09 26 Apr 04

...the one that states that they are updating their database and are giving you the chance to unsubscribe from the newsletter that you are in.

When you click on unsubscribe you visit a blank web site and suddenly hear your hard drive working overtime. Goodness knows what it was up to.

This sort of email comes from shopping type sites but are totally bogus.

I got one yesterday from 'Insight Focus' shopping.

After checking, I found that they didn't exist.

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