Virus '"[email protected]"'

  TonyV 20:57 26 Sep 04

During the past month I had occasion to e mail a major French Telecomms Co. regarding their mobile. Ever since then I have been recieving e mails that are being stopped from delivery to me because they are containing the Virus '"[email protected]"'. (As far as I can tell the greater majority appear to be coming from France because the e mail addresses that are sending them have the .fr at the end of the address).

One of the e mails that was stopped, actually came in from the Telecomms Co. that I e mailed in the first place!! Needless to say, I got back to them and suggested they performed a scan on their server, and that right speedily!! There is approx one a day coming through but fortunately my Norton AV and the BTYahoo system is picking them all up.

Is any one else out there recieving such a beastie? And can I expect it to die a death in the not too distant future?

  ventanas 21:58 26 Sep 04

Had quite a few since the middle of last week. All stopped by Norton (I hope). Eventually it will stop.

They are not necessarily coming from the apparant source. As long as youre AV is catching them its doing its job.

  TonyV 22:45 26 Sep 04

Ventanas, Thanks for your response. It is strange that mine only started after the e mail to France. But as you say, hopefully it will die a death soon!!

  Jonah1000 17:17 29 Sep 04

Is there a way of preventing these emails, like filtering, I have outlook express but not very good for filtering i find.

  TonyV 18:20 29 Sep 04

Jonah1000, I think it is difficult. I have blocked the various addresses that are coming through, but there are never two the same!! It seems the world and his wife can apparently send these rogue e mails. I shall merely wait until it finishes itself and hopefully life will return to nrmal. This is really the first time I have really been bombarded with such e mails, but I am loathe to change my e mail address just because some nerd tries to get into my machine!!

  TonyV 20:34 16 Nov 04

I have opened this thread again because I am still getting these rogue e mails through, though, in fairness, BTYahoo and my NAV is gripping them before thay actually get in to my machine. They are coming through thick and fast at the moment usually two a day and the greater majority are coming from France, or at least, that is what it seems by the addresses. There was one that came through from "[email protected]", though when I went back to Symantec via another e mail address they said it was nothing to do with them! I was beginning to get a bit worried when it seemed the "protector" was changing to the "perpitrator!"

Is any one else out there still getting this particular virus, and if so how long do we have to wait before it finally stops?


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