Virus Trojan - Downloader ausvc.exe and auupg.exe

  astonv 14:12 23 Oct 03

Hi everyone - just been infected by the above trojans. AVG has healed and isolated a copy of each in the vault. System still not right after half-dozen reboots. Just about to release 'Stinger' on system. Has anyone else had dealings with these critters. They do not show up on McaFee library.

  expertec 16:50 23 Oct 03
  astonv 22:19 23 Oct 03

Thanks Expertec.

Have downloaded from Norton site. Will run in the morning when I've got a clear head. Will post results.

  DAG88 22:37 23 Oct 03

ausvc.exe and auupg.exe sound to me like the name of the files infected, not the name of the virus

  Jester2K II 22:40 23 Oct 03

click here

The Trojan creates an AUSVC.EXE file in the Windows directory and downloads the contents of the file. It again sleeps for 30 minutes before it executes the file and terminates itself. AUSVC.EXE is a software package installer that retrieves data via http request, and downloads and installs software into an infected system.

Once everything has been downloaded, it executes AUUPG.EXE to retrieve the other packages.

Boot in to Safe Mode and rescan.

  astonv 23:07 23 Oct 03

Jester2K II

Thanks I'm on the case.

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