Virus then £32 call Charge

Last month April my Daughter told me her new Computer I had just set up would not stay connected that a Window appeared saying "NT authority system", and did a count down and turned off the computer.
She had set up her connection with a CD supplied by Telewest whom they pay a monthly sub to and connect to Blue yonder. She tried the net again a day later and this time got the same thing plus another window with a lot of F words saying it was going to do a whole load of things to her computer,she turned it off at the mains. When she tuned on again to play a game she left it to make a cup of tea she returned to make a quick phone call and to her horror found the computer had dialled up a super Prem number 09099673027 witch the subsequent phone bill shows that for 20 mins they have been charged £32. I sanitized said computer and installed necessary protection any ideas on the number and the virus.

  Valvegrid 19:25 17 May 04

You might want to consider downloading this little application to block dialers. I don't use it because I'm on broadband, but one of my work colleagues use it and says it's very good.

click here

The site is in German, but it's quite easy to follow just to download it.

  Gaz 25 19:25 17 May 04

I am looking into the number, it may take me sometime to track the number back to its owner.

I am also looking into the dialler that could have dialled that number.

This is a warning to install Antivirus, Firewall and anti-spyware/dialler systems.


  Valvegrid 19:28 17 May 04

Here is an English translation of the site courtesy of Google:

click here

  Gaz 25 19:35 17 May 04

the NT shutdown thingie, its either Blaster worm, Nachia or sasser and cycle.

The 09099673027 is not registered and doesnt have any information at all related with it.

  cream. 20:22 17 May 04

As Valvegrid says,Dialer control is an excellent programm and very easy to install and set up. Prior to receiving broadband, 4 weeks ago, I used it after I was caught out with a rouge dialer. Lots of people were asking for help on here about the problem and I used rouge dialer from one of the threads. I was stung for about £20.

Also follow Gaz 25 suggestion. all of these are free, they just need downloading. Most you will find on the PCA cover disk.
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

  computernerdiamnot 21:38 17 May 04

Even if you have broadband still installs this software because if you want to send faxes or use your computer for a answering machine you still have to connect to the normal phoneline. Set yourself a password then only the user can define what gets called to what does not.

  WaTcHiNg 23:12 17 May 04

I've noticed the free version of grisoft does not stop many trojans. A recent experience on a friends PC showed multiple trojan.downloader.small.xx (xx being various letter combination).

Despite a full scan with Grisoft (AVG) twice, nothing showed.
Full scan with spybot S&D - nothing

The only program which found it was Pest Patrol!

Just shows how these programs can compliment each other.

  ened 06:55 18 May 04

will allow you to put a block on premium rate numbers being called from your phone.

Incidentally I had this problem before I installed Broadband. Fortunately I was near the computer in March when I heard it start dialling, and quickly stopped it. Nonetheless it had already clocked up 83 pence (+VAT) and it hadn't even finished connecting.
I can live with the loss but mailed ICTSIS with the number (after their line was engaged for most of the day) and they haven't even had the courtesy to reply.

  carper 12:43 18 May 04

Try this dial blocker click here
It's a small dowload and appears to be useful

  carper 13:48 18 May 04

Sorry I think I put in a wrong click on code. It should be click here
I hope that works better

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