Virus \ Spyware Help Please

  BLUELEN 13:57 06 May 07

My homepage appears to be hijacted by click here as this now appears on opening my browser. At the same time a security warning box appears stating W32.Myzor.FK@yf and to click for removal software. Also I am getting constant system alert messages from icon in the tray stating of malware threats and to click and down load software.
I'm running XP pro sp2 int exp browser. I have bitdefender10 antivirus which says it has blocked any viruses !Have just loaded and run AD-Aware. Loaded Spyguard also but can't get this to run. Grateful on what I should do next Thanks

  SANTOS7 14:10 06 May 07

click here

It is a smitfraud variant, the link should help,good luck....

  p;3 14:30 06 May 07

you could also try
click here


click here

fully update them and run them on full deep scans

  BLUELEN 14:35 06 May 07

Thanks i'll give your suggestions a go. Wonder though why bitdefender is saying system ok and virus was blocked?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:42 06 May 07

It is not a virus but a Trojan. These Trojans are inadvertently downloaded by the user and no firewall or AV will stop them as they have been given permission to run. Never accept any 'free' offers (registry checks, virus scans etc.) that suddenly pop up on screen when you are surfing.


  BLUELEN 14:44 06 May 07

Will the suggestions I have been given deal with this trojan or do I need something else?

  p;3 14:49 06 May 07

you can also try spybot;

click here

but the ones you have already been suggest to try are quite thorough if run on full deep scans;

if all else fails you can be directed to a specialist site to get rid of the thing

see what they find?

and are you on XP sp2 and with system restore enabled?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 06 May 07

No, they will be able to sort your computer out. Download the Smitfraud fix from santos67s' link and follow the removal instructions exactly. Personally I would then download Spyware Terminator which is free and will run in the background. Scan with it and then leave it to run in the Background. Using it with Bitdefender will provide all the protection that you need. click here


  BLUELEN 14:59 06 May 07

Yes on XP PRO SP2 with system resore on.

GANDALF <|:-)> Thanks will do as you suggest. Here's hoping !

  p;3 15:05 06 May 07

if all else fails, if you do have a known clean restore point from before this happened you could try seeing if it will let you roll back TO one of those points? see how the scans etc suggested work out

  BLUELEN 20:51 07 May 07

Just to let you know that the smitfraud fix worked.Have also downloaded the other sptware links suggested. Thanks for your help.

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