Virus? Rogue emails sent from my address

  Nottaclue 14:08 13 Oct 06

Hello there
This is my first question - hope someone can help me.
My Wanadoo email on Outlook Express has suddenly started receiving Returned Mail, sent to loads of strange addresses, which I never sent in the first place. When I read the body of the text, it seems unidentified and varied letters are attaching themselves to the first part of my address, instead of the real first part of my address, eg (Is this making sense??**??)
Also, these returned messages all have weird attachments, none of which I've opened (I do know THAT much about viruses!)
When trying to send genuine emails myself, some get there ok, and others never arrive.
I know I have a problem, and wondered what I should do.
Many thanks

  terryf 14:37 13 Oct 06

try click here and run a scan using IE (doesn't work with Firefox)

  rômanab 15:10 13 Oct 06

It could well be that your email address has been spoofed.
It is easy now for a peice of malware to forge the 'from' field of an email to make it look like it has come from your pc. Unfortunately if this is the case there is very little you can do about it.

The reason some of your own emails are being returned could be because your address could now be on certain ISPs blacklist as a spam address.

  Nottaclue 15:10 13 Oct 06

Thanks, Terry. I'm running AVG at the moment and will run the IE scan (whatever that is!) when AVG is finished.
I've read some of the postings and followed advice on how to divert spam. I've installed CA Antispam as recommended.
Call me stupid, but is do I have a dreaded virus? Having a computer is worse than going to the never know what might be wrong with you!!!

  rômanab 15:16 13 Oct 06

"Call me stupid, but is do I have a dreaded virus?"

Probably not.

  palinka 18:07 14 Oct 06

No, not a virus; it's your email address that's been "spoofed". Surprisingly common; and probably not your fault - so running scan with anti-virus will not find anything. it can happen like this - you send an email to someone who sends an email to someone else , who sends...etc.
Your email address is now probably in the first person's address book, and if any of the people who receive emails from THAT person has nasties of various kinds on their PC the result can be that YOUR email address is "harvested" by someone with malicious intent and used to send emails as if they came from you.
As rômanab says, there's not a lot you can do; in fact nothing you can do - except perhaps to avoid the sort of chain-letter emails that originate who knows where. My sister had similar problems to you; she has friends who regularly forward to her stuff that's harmless in itself (jokes, etc) but originated from people they don't really know. Best avoided. Meanwhile dont worry;just delete, and it wil stop, given time.

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