Virus removal without internet connection?

  albu 15:50 13 May 05

Here's a thought!

What's the best way to remove or check for a virus on a PC with no internet connection?

Any thoughts please?

Thank you

  SANTOS7 15:55 13 May 05

If your pc has never been connected to the net i cannot see why you need to bother, if your pc is slow it may well be down to software conflict, PC not been defragged for a while, low on system resources, or is there some other issue...

  Completealias 16:00 13 May 05

I guess you'd need to get a boot disk like bart pe with an anti virus app on it and then boot and scan with that.

Although as has been said if you aren't on the net and providing you use some commen sense the the risk of catching a virus is remote

  albu 16:08 13 May 05

I believe the pc had net access at one stage.

Not sure of spec.


  SANTOS7 16:11 13 May 05

The best way would be to try and find some magazine disc's that may have fre A/V progs or the likes on them, what has raised your suspicion that there may be a virus or spyware?

  Completealias 16:13 13 May 05

If you have access to the net and you could download the exe file for say AVG I suggest this as they used to support a manual update. Whereby you'd could save the update file to disk and then copy it into the updates folder. You would need to first install AVG on the other system to get access to the updates.

Then install AVG on the other pc and update and scan.

Providing they still support the manual updates then this should work

  BEN MARSHALL 16:16 13 May 05

simply go into a shop and buy a cheap one or go onto the web some weare and download o free antivirus such as avg free edition see link

click here

Download this save it to CD-ROM / might fit on a floppy then install it and run it ps download updates for product aswell so it will have an up-to-date virus daterbase see link load it in from file see update links:

1) = priority update :

click here

2 = Recogmended update : click here

  BEN MARSHALL 16:17 13 May 05


  albu 16:20 13 May 05

Many thanks to all

  pj123 16:32 13 May 05

SANTOS7, don't forget viruses don't have to come from the internet. They can be caught from a floppy disk, CD or DVD that has been given to you.
Even the free Magazine cover disks can contain a virus.

albu, the best way is (as you appear to be on the internet) is to download the latest version of - say - AVG and install it on the computer that isn't on the internet and run it. The only problem with that is that you will still have to keep getting the updates and install those as and when.

  pj123 16:34 13 May 05

Too slow again. Seems to have been ticked but no indication why?

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