Virus removal

  john bunyan 02 May 12

W7, Avira free a/v, Malawarebytes, SAS. Today my Avira scan reported a virus soon after the scan started. I clicked to remove it and rebooted as requested. Then Avira asked me to insert the Avira CD to identify the virus. I do not have a CD as it is a free download. I am currently running SAS and Malawarebytes, and will re - run Avira later. Usually Avira finds 4 hidden objects, this time there were 64.

I know one should not have more than one anti virus programme running. I wondered if as a one- off it is worth using another virus scanning programme to double check that it has gone? If so has anyone any advice? I will report back when all scans are run.

  buteman 02 May 12

Maybe try the Avira Forum for help in case it is a false positive.

Or give the free Trend Micro a try for 1 year.Ignore the bank details they dont ask for that.

If they happen to be false positives I would not remove them in case it knackers your computer.If you have run MalwareBytes and SAS and they never found any problems False positives would be a good bet.

  onthelimit1 02 May 12

You could give the 'second opinion' Hitmanpro from here a run (free version).

  robin_x 02 May 12

Maybe they mean the Avira Rescue Boot CD. Also a free download. Burn the iso to CD.

If you don't want to keep uninstalling and reinstalling, or enabling disabling. your main AV, these boot discs are useful.

All the AV vendors have them. I quite like Kasperskys.

Or Emsisoft allows install of Scanner only which won't clash with other AV. I use that too as a 2nd opinion. It usually flags up lots of harmless cookies as well as serious threats.

  john bunyan 02 May 12

Thank you for the replies. So far SAS only found a couple of ad - aware tracking cookies. MBAM still running as is a re-scan with Avira, so far so good. May try Hitmanpro and Emisoft later.

  Belatucadrus 02 May 12

There are a few stand alone scanners that can be used as a back-up check :- Dr Web Cure It! eScan

  john bunyan 02 May 12

I have now run Avira, SAS and Malawarebytes. SAS found and removed 2 ad-aware tracking cookies. I often find SAS finds these, not found by MBAM. The re run of the Avira was clear. I think the first run found and removed the virus. I shall be vigilant and try a couple of the scanners all of you have recommended. Thanks again, will mark as resolved.

  john bunyan 02 May 12

Ran without installing Hitmanpro, none detected. Looks as if the problem has gone. Thanks onthelimit1 and all who have responded.


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