Virus question

  igk 13 May 11

I'm not exactly a newbie at computers but there is no forum for M$ xp. I have a pc that has had a virus this was (as far as I know) now been sorted using MSE,Avg and Malwarebytes,the only problem I'm having is that it refuses to get any security updates from M$ stating that the site is down,well I have another XP machine that has just got it's updates with no problem and my question is can a virus block this and apart from a complete reformat and new XP is there any way to sort this out? Thanks for your time in advance...

  bremner 13 May 11

If you have AVG and MSE that may be the problem.

You should never have 2 AV's running at the same time.

  igk 13 May 11

Thanks for your reply,I have used both together on other XP machines with no problem, other than the pc refusing to go to M$ XP update site all else works as it should...

  johndrew 13 May 11

Very unwise to run two AVs together. They generally search each other and lock the PC up. Just because you were lucky with the two running together at a given point doesn't mean that an update to one or both wont result in a lock up.

I suggest you uninstall one then try your updates.

  wee eddie 13 May 11

Of course you may not have had a Virus. Your first AV may have seen the second AV as a Virus.

Chose one of the other. 2 AV's on a PC is asking for trouble.


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