Matias 18:12 02 May 04


i have this problem, yesterday my antivirus found this virus, i think i was a worm, and told me that the file could not be repeard. i located the file, but could not delete it. since then, my computer puts on this message telling me that it is going to be shut down. this doesnt happen all the time, other times the turn off button desapears, or internet explorer goes crazy and is terribly slow. i tried to go to the norton or mcafee web pages, but i just cant get in, im directly sent to some page called interent optimiser, i dont know what to do, please help.


  VoG II 18:17 02 May 04

click here

Is this an NT Authority shutdwn - if so possibly click here

  Matias 19:40 02 May 04

hi, thanks for answerinf vog

i tried the link, i found and deleted web optimizer but didnt find the other one, i tried to remove it manualy but i didnt find all the files i had to delet

thanks for the help

  VoG II 21:05 02 May 04

Run Stinger click here

Good luck!

  Matias 21:25 02 May 04


great!!!! thanks, worked like a charme

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