virus? please help

  john1000 22:49 17 Jan 09

hi need some help if possible computer running xp pro virus definations all up to date etc today just froze then got a blue screen saying you have been infected then it rebooted on reboot it then said read data error then hdd error i then booted from my xp disc and it would not boot got a black screen that said trap general protection fault put another hard drive in all ok i know of another 3 systems that have had similar things happen rebooting by themselves then hard drive fryed any help much appreciated

  rdave13 23:27 17 Jan 09

Sometimes harddrives die of over use. Some young and some old. Fried is dead. If backed up then no problem. Hard drives are not only electronics but have physical mechanics as well. Add the both together and they die when it's their time.
You say another three systems report the same errors, of the same age or not?

  john1000 23:47 17 Jan 09

yes 1 last week and the other 2 about 2 weeks ago thats why i presumed it was a virus the screen i got definally said i had been infected it then rebooted and would not boot from hardrive even if it was just a normal hard drive failure i thought it should still boot from cd just seams hard to believe all 3 down in a few weeks

  rdave13 23:54 17 Jan 09

How old are these hard drives? How much used daily? You can boot from the CD/DVD drive but if the hdd is dead then you get nowhere if no hard drive is detected.

  tullie 00:00 18 Jan 09

The nasty,if that was what it was,was on the first drive was it?Its not going to be on the second and third.Or are you talking about someone else?

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