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Virus from "Pipex"

  Vonnie 12:11 24 Mar 04

I have just received an e mail claiming to be from Pipex saying my e mail account will be suspended in 3 days time due to improper use!!! However, Norton picked up a virus in the attachment so I deleted it asap. Has anyone else had similar e mails? I really don't for one second believe this to be from pipex - and as for "improper use", well I've no idea what they are going on about and I wasn't going to open the attachment to find out.

  anon1 12:18 24 Mar 04

So have you contacted pipex?

  anon1 12:22 24 Mar 04

I hope you looked at the headers of the email? You may need that info. You do not need to delete attachments asap just don't open them. Sometimes you may be requested to forward them.
If you have the preview pane turned off in your email client (wish everyone did these days) then you should be able to right click incoming email and check the properties to get all the info about it without putting yourself at risk.

  Vonnie 12:24 24 Mar 04

No - I haven't contacted Pipex, but I will do now. I wish I hadn't deleted the e mail so quickly now, but I just panicked and wanted rid.

  anchor 12:24 24 Mar 04

I am on Pipex and have not received any similar message. Wisely, you deleted the attachment immediately.

Like you, I do not believe this was a genuine message from Pipex. If in any doubt, phone Pipex support.

  AndySD 13:27 24 Mar 04

click here

Any e-mails you receive which have a From: address ending in @pipex.com, are FALSE and should be deleted unopened.

PIPEX do not use any such From: address.

The e-mails are almost certain to be infected with a virus, most likely a variant of BEAGLE or BAGLE.

  Vonnie 13:29 24 Mar 04

Thanks for that Andy!

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