Is this a VIRUS or something bizzar

  Charlie333 23:59 31 Oct 07

Windows Media Player keeps on opening. Not multiple versions just one but it always wants to open by itself.
Obviously you can't do anything because it is constantly trying to open WMP. I managed to restart with a DOS prompt and delete the player directory.
I then got blue screens. I formatted and reinstalled XP. Now the introduction screen to set-up Windows Media Player 9 keeps wanting to open. There is nothing on the drive other than windows, I've not even had time to install drivers. Is this a VIRUS. If so how did it manage to escape the format of the C drive? I have managed to scan the other second HDD by sharing the folders on it over the network and using the Kaspersky on another computer. It found nothing? It is driving me mad. Anyone got any ideas???

  C3 00:08 01 Nov 07

Just out of interest, did you delete the partition, recreate it then format the C drive? If you only formatted C then it is possible that something survived the format.

When you re-install make sure the PC is disconnected from your network and the internet, re-install, put in all the drivers you need then install a firewall and Anti-virus/spyware software. Once you've done this, connect back to the internet and get all the normal updates for everything.

If this doesn't sort you out then I'm sorry I have no idea what is causing your problem there!

  Graham. 00:15 01 Nov 07

Uninstall Windows Media Player, bizzar, in Control Panel.

  Charlie333 09:21 01 Nov 07

In response to C3 - Yes I did delete the partition and make a new one before doing a slow format not the quick format.
I cannot install or uninstall anything because Windows Media Player 9 introductory screen now keeps popping up and uses all the resources. It originally had an up-to-date avast on it when it got the original problem.
Do you think that the virus could have hidden in the BIOS or cache or something like that?
It's got me stumped.
Any more ideas?

  Seth Haniel 10:27 01 Nov 07

multimedia keyboard with a key to open windows media player - which could be stuck down???

otherwise have you tried safemode F8 on startup then run Msconfig and disable anything that lookslike media player from starting

  Charlie333 17:19 01 Nov 07

It's funny you should mention the keyboard. I was discussing it with a colleague at work and he suggested the same thing. I will check tonight when I get home. I really hope that is the problem. I haven't set up any short-cut keys on the keyboard but you never know, stranger things have happened.
Other than that I have started it in safe mode and have removed media player but it just blue screens when I start it normally. I think that it is trying to open media player but because it's no longer there, uses up all resources then crashes. I am pinning my hopes on the keyboard.

  Totally-braindead 17:24 01 Nov 07

My keyboard is a multimedia keyboard and windows installs its own software for it automatically.

  Charlie333 13:25 02 Nov 07

Looks like it was the keyboard. I tried an old one last night and so far no media player. It's weird that Windows decided to assign a short-cut key to media player all by it self. There doesn't seem to be any key stuck down and to be honest I have never used any of the short-cut key on this keyboard. Very strange. Anyway i'm not going to check-box this as resolved until I have tonight to see if it makes it 24 hours.
Thanks for your help..

  Totally-braindead 13:52 02 Nov 07

As I said windows automatically loads the drivers for a multimedia keyboard. Mine has 19 keys on it and they all work and I have loaded nothing, windows did it itself.

Bit of brilliance on the part of Seth Haniel its pretty obvious but I would never have thought of it even though I have a multimedia keyboard myself.

  Charlie333 09:10 06 Nov 07

It looks like it was the keyboard..
Very strange...!
Cheers for the help...

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