Virus in notebook

  pitcairn 12:08 16 Nov 09

I have acquired 2 malicious blocks,that prevent me using the internet. I have run both Avastiand AVG which state no infections.When I attempt to gain access to the internet a message from AVG states that I have this threat! Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

  Sea Urchin 12:22 16 Nov 09

What are the 'threats' called?

  peter99co 13:18 16 Nov 09

How did you acquire them? do you know?

A search may show where they are. I once removed bugs by a search and delete.

  canarieslover 14:14 16 Nov 09

I hope that your running of Avast! and AVG does not mean that you have them both installed on the computer at the same time. Having two antivirus programs running can cause problems so make sure that you only have one running and check again. Then download Malwarebytes click here and install, then update it. Restart computer in Safe Mode (F8 when starting computer) and run Malwarebytes.

  pitcairn 21:54 16 Nov 09

Thank you. I have uninstalled AVG.and installed Malwarebytes,which has done the trick. do I need Avasti or can I get rid?

  Sea Urchin 21:57 16 Nov 09

Malwarebytes is not a substitute for AVG - you can have them both. You need an anti-virus program - so either Avast or AVG - it's your choice.

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