virus that is not being pickt up by norton

  pug306 21:39 31 Jan 08

hiya my laptop seems to have a virus although norton wont pick it up. im getting pop ups of norton has found a virus high risk etc but it seems to be lying everything is going crazy i go on the internet and it sticks then i get a pop up page of deleting viruses etc. im getting windows explorer messages saying about. i installed spydoctor and its picking up infections left right and centre but that doesnt seem to be working. ive done a system restore to 2weeks ago still nothing what else can i do?? please help its driving me crazy.

  birdface 22:07 31 Jan 08

Try using your Security programs in safe mode.[just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.]If they find anything delete them when finished run C Cleaner then switch of system restore.Reboot computer then run your security programs again to see if they find anything.

  pug306 22:34 31 Jan 08

hiya ino im being thick but i only partly understand what u mean buy that im totaly confused by it all

  pug306 22:48 31 Jan 08

ok i think i did it it went funny and big but my norton wouldnt run trying it now but its not finding anything. i jsut keep getting pop ups for antivirus things.

  brundle 22:51 31 Jan 08

Ccleaner here click here

Some antispyware programs; click here AVG and Spywareterminator would be a good start. Install and update them, reboot your PC, as buteman said hit F8 when your computer is starting, before you see the Windows logo. Choose Safe mode, run a complete scan with both applications.

  pug306 23:05 31 Jan 08

right am trying that now although norton wouldnt let me run in safe mode so il see if these will thank u

  pug306 23:12 31 Jan 08

its finding threats in memory and normal but it wont get rid of them?

  hiwatt 10:20 01 Feb 08

Which one did you try?Try this Super antispyware it's really good at getting rid of things that others here

  mfletch 12:39 01 Feb 08


Did you say that the pop up;s are from other antispyware programs,

Bogus Antispyware?

Download SmitfraudFix and follow the instructions,

click here


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