Virus, motherboard or something else?

  Rob6 09:34 02 Aug 05

Gentle with me I'm not a techy!

On powering the PC fans come on, rom drives flash but nothing less happens. The failure mode was over a couple of days where initially the PC would freeze in Iexplorer and needed to be switched off, this became more frequent and then sometimes it would hang up whilst powering up and take me via a 'safe mode' routine. In final stages it would hang up whilst still on black screen giving me only access to the CMOS setup if I was quick enough to hit 'delete' before it froze. Virus, motherboard or something else?

  961 09:42 02 Aug 05

How old is this machine? Is it under warranty? What virus protection, firewall, trojan killers do you have and are they up to date?

This could be a number of things but I'd be inclined to think that either you have picked up a nasty from the internet or, perhaps even more likely, your power supply unit is failing and needs replacing

  DieSse 09:46 02 Aug 05

Not the only - but commonest cause of theses symtoms in my experience, is a faulty motherboard, or a processor killed by overheating.

If it fails to even switch on correctly, it's very unlikely to be any kind of software or virus problem.

  Rob6 09:56 02 Aug 05

PC 18 month old. Was running AVG anti virus and firewall.

  961 09:59 02 Aug 05

So, is it under warranty?

Take the side off (unplug it first)and see if it is gunged up with fluff and if all the fans are working.

  Rob6 10:10 02 Aug 05

No not under warranty. Fans all work, it was fairly dusty/ fluffy but having cleared it out there are no changes to the symptoms. No sign or corrosion either.

  961 10:17 02 Aug 05

On that basis it could be a heat problem as DieSse suggests but I still fancy a failing PSU

The options are to beg borrow or buy a replacement to try (around £20 upwards) or find a tame computer guru to do some tests starting there and going on to processor and mobo

  Rob6 10:53 02 Aug 05

I borrowed a PSU from our other PC and no change to symptoms. It sounds like you guys are pointing me towards a motherboard problem. Should I still worry that it may have been a virus?

  DieSse 11:15 02 Aug 05

"Should I still worry that it may have been a virus"

No - viruss can't affect hardware in this manner - if it's not the psu, then I think the chances are pretty high it's the motherboard.

There is anoher no cost check you could do, however, unplug all the drives and plug-in boards and RAM - see if this gives you any signs of real life.

  Rob6 11:41 02 Aug 05

Not sure what you mean by signs of real life. Having done what you suggested the two fans come on, there is an LED glowing where the power cable goes into the motherboard, obviously cant see anything on the monitor because I took out the video card.

  DieSse 12:08 02 Aug 05

Beeps - basically.

Try removing the processor and refitting - I've known dodgy connections to be a problem on occasions.

Then put things back one at a time - RAM - Graphics - then the others.

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