Virus listed in Startup MSCONFIG

  iqs 18:40 20 Nov 08


A few days ago I was asked to remove a virus from a mates PC.There was popups directing his browser to various web sites.

Ad Aware did not detect any,but Spyware Terminator did.Two were removed.

Checked the running processes in Task Manager,there was a program running that started XXX,then follewed by numbers.

I stopped the process then searched for the file via the search option.
I then deleted it.It was no longer running in Task Manager,cool.

I checked the Start Up folder,it was empty.Then I looked in MSCONFIG.Like the thread title states,a another program that starts XXX was listed.

I stopped the process/virus in MSCONFIG,but it is still listed.Why???

If the antivirus/spyware software can not detect the virus,what is the best procedure for removing it please.

Thank you

  Pineman100 18:43 20 Nov 08

See whether this helps: click here

  User-1229748 18:47 20 Nov 08

if pinemans doesn't cure it download,update and run this

  User-1229748 18:47 20 Nov 08

sorryclick here

  User-1229748 18:48 20 Nov 08

or thisclick here

  iqs 19:08 20 Nov 08

Pineman100 and smackheadz,will give both your suggestions a go,many thanks

  DieSse 19:10 20 Nov 08

Once something gets into the MSConfig startup list, it's possible for it to stay there unless you go into the Registry and remove it.

As long as it's deselected, and so not starting, there's not a problem. This is only a list - the actual program may well have gone, but left it's name in the list. It's name cannot do any damage.

If you want a relatively easy way to clean up all startup commands, and delete items from this list, then this greatly simplifies matters.

click here

  iqs 21:16 21 Nov 08


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