virus infection

  ProblemSolver 13:22 11 Feb 04

I am running Windows 98 SE, with the free Command Antivirus program, (courtesy of PC Advisor), with the also free ZoneAlarm firewall. The antivirus check found 2 viruses, (repeated) apparently contained in 2, recently downloaded, CGI script programs.One was deleted, the other cannot be removed, any suggestions welcome, please.

Viruses found are; SURFGHOST.EXE>, which was overwritten, and deleted.(2 detections found)
The second virus found was>,(3 detections found), a message told me that '' was a security risk, or a 'backdoor program', & that the virus could not be disinfected.
Is there a 'disinfection patch' for this virus program, or some antivirus program, which will disinfect it?
Regards ProblemSolver

  Jester2K 13:26 11 Feb 04

Boot into Safe Mode and rescan.

Also suggest ditching Command AV and get AVG 6 Free Edition click here

  Bagsey 14:15 11 Feb 04

I would go along with what Jester2K says and ditch that AV and go for AVG. But I would also run a web based scan such as Housecall as a further check.
click here
Not the fastest download if it is your first time to use it but well worth the wait.

  Proxy Worm 15:47 11 Feb 04

Try- Panda software scan- a bit faster than trend micro (above). click here

  splork 15:54 11 Feb 04

yep, go for AVG

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