virus help please, desperate!

  michellen35 18:46 10 Jul 08


I'm looking for some help with my son's PC, He has a virus called win32:neptunia-yo and from what very little i can find out about it, it slows windows right down. This is very true, 20 mins at least to load up, its taken 10 hours to defragment (and its still not done) ran avast and moved it to the chest, I've also ran SUPERAntispyware and tried to run CCleaner and download hijackthis but now it seems i can hardly get on the Internet either. We have a home network and suddenly i have 2 viruses win32:trojan-gen, could they also be from his pc? I would just reinstall windows but it's been that long since I've done it I've forgotten, and he has loads of school work on it also.

Any help would be great! I really don't know what to do next, I've been trying for 3 days to sort it .

Thanks in advance.

  mfletch 18:53 10 Jul 08

Download this if possible Dr.web Cureit

click here

How do I use Dr.Web CureIt!?
Download Dr.Web CureIt! from our website. Run the utility and press the "Start" button in the opened window. Confirm the launch by pressing the "OK" button and wait for the scanning results of the main memory and startup files.


  brundle 18:56 10 Jul 08

Leave defragging until system is sorted.
Download any tools or updates recommended, disconnect machines from internet and each other and run the scans, in Safe Mode if needs be. Run Avast boot-scan too. click here

  michellen35 18:57 10 Jul 08

Great, Thank you, I will do that now.

  michellen35 19:07 10 Jul 08

I have scanned both machines with avast boot-scan, that where i found his virus, should i also do it in safe mode?

  brundle 19:16 10 Jul 08

No, but you may need to run it again later just to be sure the machines are clean (as far as Avast is concerned). The boot-mode scan is better than a Safe Mode scan in that it can remove files that might otherwise be in use. Have your XP CDs handy in case essential files have been affected and XP needs a repair re-install. click here

  michellen35 19:43 10 Jul 08

Yeah, My pc came up fine, my son's won't even start up, it starts, half loads then starts again, there was an error message saying 'windows could not start because the following is missing or corrupted <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe' I haven't even been able to get on the net to DL Dr Web for his yet.

  brundle 19:51 10 Jul 08

A few suggestions for that here; click here

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