Virus - [email protected] ?

  Paul2003 00:49 07 Feb 03

I have a message sat in my inbox from [email protected] titled Order 357495 confirmation with an attatchment of 455kb which access is denied by OE, this is screaming VIRUS to me but I am reluctant to simply delete it as I hear that some viri are activated by deleting them! I would like to know what I am dealing with and how to safely remove it, how can I gain access to the file to scan it as OE has denied access to it?

  DieSse 01:07 07 Feb 03

You can't activate a virus by deleting it - just do it. Right click on the message header, choose Delete, and hold down the Shift key when you do so - it'll not even go to the delete folder then.

OE is stopping access to the attachment as a security measure - it would be perverse to try to circumvent that on an attachment you aren't expecting, and are suspiscious of.

  hoverman 07:06 07 Feb 03

Didn't your Anti-virus software (assuming you have one installed) alert you to anything? My advice is to do as DieSse says - delete the email.

  Andsome 08:06 07 Feb 03

Do you have an AV program, or do you feel that you are imune?

  Paul2003 08:34 07 Feb 03

DieSse - I seem to remember reading somwere about a recent virus that was activated be deleting it so thats why I didnt simply delete it.

hoverman - It didnt because OE denied access to it so all I could do was delete it.

Andsome - Do I feel imune?? Of course not - no one is, viri are evolving by the week and its improtant to have an uptodate virus checker to keep the chances of infection to a minimum! which is why I use AVG - a program so good that really should cost £££.

I have now established that it was Nimda worm and have safely removed all traces of it.

  hoverman 08:41 07 Feb 03

I would thoroughly recommend Mailwasher to you. Not only does it allow you to view e-mail headers without downloading, but it can also alert you to any possible virus in an attachment. This has happened to me twice in recent times. Any e-mails you are not happy about can be deleted directly at the server end without them ever getting on your PC.

  Andsome 08:44 07 Feb 03

No disrespect was meant of course, there are a good many postings on the site from people who do feel imune. I must ask however, if AVG is so good why didn't it isolate this worm and inform you???

  hoverman 08:44 07 Feb 03

Go here for Mailwasher: click here

  DieSse 09:35 07 Feb 03

I'm glad you got rid of it without any adverse effects.

You should ask yourself how a Nimbda attachment got into your system without your AV email scanner raising an alarm, and fix whatever failed to pick it up.

There have , in addition, been a number or updates to MS OE and IE, which prevent the Nimbda virus from activating anyway. Make sure you keep your system updated with at least the Critical updates to your system - that's why they're called Critical!

  seedie 09:49 07 Feb 03

You may wish to try an email client called popcorn from ultrafunk.

It allows you to see mail headers from the server and it shows if there are any attachments. You only download what you want to read and it handles more than one mail account.

click here


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