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Virus Alert message?

  recap 13:00 25 Mar 03

I have been getting Emails informing me that I may have a virus. These emails are coming from "European Consultancy Services", sound pretty impressive.

My question is: are these email genuine or just bogus?

I have not opened one yet so I don't know what the virus warning is all about.

  Legolas 13:08 25 Mar 03

A search for European Consultancy Services on Google shows only one with that actual name and it is to do with grants and other things concerning the EEC. I would suspect it is bogus, how do they know you might have a virus, to know this they would need access to your computer I

  VoG™ 13:12 25 Mar 03

In agree with Legolas - it is a commercial company that advises on getting grants. Why would they send out virus warning messages?

I would delete them, especially if they have attachments.

  recap 13:20 25 Mar 03

Thanks guy's, I am waiting for a response from our ISP on this email.

Will post their reply when I know more.

  stlucia 13:25 25 Mar 03

Going back to what Legolas says, the sender can't actually know that you've got a virus, so it's either an advertisement or a virus. Either way, just delete it without opening, and get the sender blocked by your ISP if you don't want it again.

If you're really worried about viruses, and don't have an anti-virus software, check with this forum for advice on what preventative measures to take.

  recap 13:46 25 Mar 03

VoG™, The emails come as a priority email with no attachments.

The contents of the email includes this line "The virus (called jdbgmgr.exe) is not detected by the latest Norton or McAfee anti-virus systems"

I have been informed by our ISP that it is a bogus email and NOT to delete this .exe.

Thanks again for your responses.

Anybody else receiving this form of Email please ignore it and delete it.

  VoG™ 13:54 25 Mar 03

Oh not again! click here

sorry recap, couldn't resist.

  Andsome 14:00 25 Mar 03

As VoG™ has informed you, YOU HAVE BEEN HAD. Poor Teddy has lots of fans on this forum, and we all get very annoyed when people try to get him deleted. He is much loved on this website. LONG LIVE TEDDY

  recap 15:07 25 Mar 03

Cheers VoG™ no worries, one day it may die a death?

Andsome, once I saw VoG™ posting I remember reading it. My excuse is that it was last year and my memory is going, it's my age you know LOL :-)))

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