Virus alert

  MickLey 19:00 02 Jan 03
  MickLey 19:00 02 Jan 03

I have been informed by an e-mail correspondent that they have a virus which is unable to be detected by Norton or McAfee and that due to correspondence the virus has been passed to my computer. However, they inform me it is easily removed and they explain that it is simply located by FIND/SEARCH, highlighted and deleted.
The file is jdbgmgr.exe and is located in C:\windows\system. When I carry out this action the file remains in the folder. Properties describe it as a microsoft executable file and should not be removed. Am I being hoaxed?
Please help.

Best regards

  VoG™ 19:01 02 Jan 03

HOAX. Don't touch it!

  VoG™ 19:03 02 Jan 03
  spikeychris 19:04 02 Jan 03

If I'm still around when you pop your clogs I'll see if I can get that engraved on your grave stone.... ;o)


  VoG™ 19:04 02 Jan 03


  hoverman 19:07 02 Jan 03

type 'hoax' into the search facility and you will find many discusions about jdbmgr.exe.

  leo49 20:09 02 Jan 03

Happy New Year Teddy!

  mikef™ 20:14 02 Jan 03

Another year the same old hoax!!

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