A Virus

  Stealth Mode 19:07 12 Apr 03

Last night when I had finished looking on the Internet, HiFi Sites Only, I put my PC in to Standby. But it just 'hung', So I did a restart, when it had re-stareted my Anti-Virus pick up a virus. Called:BKDR-VB-AX and it was found in C/:System Volume Information Restore.
Only 3 Hours earlier I had done a Full Virus scan and found nothing.
Has anyone else had this virus?
Where has it come from?
Do you know anything about it?


  pj123 22:03 12 Apr 03

Just checked on McAfee site and nothing listed on there to suggest this is a virus.

  cycoze 22:33 12 Apr 03

Disable restore and run your AV to clean it if possible .

BKDR normally indicates `backdoor`.

Sophos list Troj/vb-ax , Kaspersky list Backdoor.VB.ax .

Try a free Trojan scanner from LockDown click here to see if it can find it .

No telling where it came from , IRC , dodgy downloads , dodgy email........

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