virus ?

  trevpow 16:57 PM 19 Apr 11

iam having problem,s with internet explorer,when i click on it to open it just goes to the taskbar and wont open, running win vista home basic service pack 2,also firefox only work,s in safemode,any help would be great thank,s..

  Nontek 17:16 PM 19 Apr 11

I don't think this sounds like a virus. Try running Ccleaner in its Default mode. If you don't already have CC just Google for the download.

  trevpow 17:34 PM 19 Apr 11

i run cccleaner ,and still the same wont open just stays on taskbar...

  birdface 17:46 PM 19 Apr 11

Go to all programs and right click on Internet Explorer. properties.And across from run make sure Normal Window shows on the dropdown bar. Looks like it is set to Minimised at the moment.

  Nontek 17:47 PM 19 Apr 11

link text

Try this then ...

  trevpow 18:22 PM 19 Apr 11

i did try both thing,s and still stay,s in taskber...

  Nontek 18:24 PM 19 Apr 11

OK - lets look at the virus route then - have you run any anti-virus checks?

  trevpow 18:43 PM 19 Apr 11

yes i have run anti virus nothing show,s up there...

  birdface 18:57 PM 19 Apr 11

Try running link textHitmanPro.

  Nontek 18:58 PM 19 Apr 11

And what about anti-malware, like Malwarebytes or SuperAntiSpyware?

If still the same after running those, then it looks like a full OS re-install - assuming you have your original OS software.

  trevpow 19:06 PM 19 Apr 11

i ran malwarebytes spy-bot and afew more nothing show up...


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