ms1013 19:23 05 Mar 09

please help!! i am currently running search and destroy, but having no luck getting rid of viruss. my knowledge on computers is pretty low, so sorry for lack of info!! i will be able to hopefully give more info, if someone can help.

  skidzy 19:26 05 Mar 09

Foir now try the first two in my list click here download them and install and update.
Then boot into safemode (tapping F8 on startup will get you into safemode) and run the programs

malwarebytes and Superantispyware.

If still no joy,post back.

  MAT ALAN 19:28 05 Mar 09

What antivirus prog do you use "spybot S&D is more conducive to spy/malware....

  ms1013 02:44 06 Mar 09

hi, i downloaded the second one, and now as i turn on my computer it goes straight to scanning my computer, and wont let me cancel. the only way to stopit is control alt delete, but that just leaves me with a blue screen and still no desktop. iv tried starting on safemode but same happens. Any ideas?

  pcrec 07:58 06 Mar 09

this antivirus can solve your all pc problem.

  ms1013 15:37 06 Mar 09

it wont let me do anything now, as i said, it goes straight to scan, i cant even get t my desktop????????

  MAT ALAN 16:02 06 Mar 09

use norton antivirus

this antivirus can solve your all pc problem

Not the most acurate statement, seems more hindrance than help sometimes...

Depending on what virus you have, and how many, sometimes scanning your PC is fruitless and will sometimes take many scans from diferent progs to possibly solve your issue
A format and reinstall is likely the best way to go...

  ms1013 16:46 06 Mar 09

sorry prob gonna sound really stupid now!! i havnt got a clue where to start! how do i go about putting norton onto computer if it wont even allow me to desktop????????

  Sea Urchin 16:50 06 Mar 09

I would not advise installing Norton even if you could - there are a number of good free AV programs available. Skidzy has already given you good advice on that.

  MAT ALAN 16:54 06 Mar 09

ms1013 Wouldn't bother with norton that is not going to be the answer to your issue, if you cannot get to your desktop i fear a clean reinstall this way you will be certain to be rid of any viral infection..

Some details about your operating system would be good...

  hiwatt 17:14 06 Mar 09

Try doing an online scan with this(using internet explorer)click here Also go to start/run and type msconfig and under start up untick the boxes of anything that shouldn't be running at boot up.Only your antivirus/anti malware and firewall need to run at boot up.

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